About Atheral

What Technology Redefined Means To Us

The Atheral Story

Founded and managed by Internet Service Provider veterans since 2018, Atheral is building customer-centric white-label and wholesale cloud solutions for Service Providers. These solutions decrease end-user churn and increase profitability while being geo-redundant, highly available, and scalable. With a passion for redefining technology in the cloud to minimize capital expenses while providing linear operating costs, Atheral concentrates on your cloud infrastructure so you can focus on your clients.

What Does Atheral Mean?

Atheral is a play on the word Ethereal, which is commonly known as a region beyond the Earth that lacks material substance but connects everything together. Robert Metcalfe, the Father of Ethernet (the standard that is the foundation for computer communication) took his inspiration for the name "Ethernet" from the same 19th century discredited scientific theory. We look forward to continuing his legacy by Redefining how Technology connects us all.
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